Connect to your local market

rezga will help you to know your local market and create expose your business to the nearby region

REZGA will connect you to local market

Using rezga you can get connected with your local market and know the nearby shops offers and latest updates.

Nearby Businesses

By default rezga will show you all the nearby businesses categorized by type and industry.

Nearby Offers

In one screen you can know all the market offers, organized by type and you can search for shop or category of offer your interested in.

Easy & Relevant

rezga is a streight forward mobile application, it is easy to use by users with all backgrounds. and it is relevant to your location and to your need.


You can shortlist your favorite businesses and return to the list when you need.


We keep the history of your business views so that you can comeback to your recent views at anytime.


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let REZGA give your business the right exposure

While setting at your home rezga will help you expand on the local market